Endhaven Dance Fit Fundraiser is Open!

Thank you for your early support of our Endhaven Dance Fit fundraiser. Today in Sports City Now, your students learned all about TEAMWORK! The big event will be held on January 27th, so please share and donate if you are able to support our school!

Ways to Help Endhaven:

REGISTER your student on funrun.com

SHARE with friends and family using the SHARE BUTTON!

GIVE if you are able to

Tonight’s Challenge: Pie in the Face Challenge! 

The class with the most new pledges tonight will get to watch Hank Solo get pied in the face! Let’s see which families are up for the challenge by sharing, giving, or both! Thank you for your continued support!

About the Program

Endhaven Elementary is hosting a fun, 9-day fundraiser powered by the Booster team! Families will gather donations, while students experience a world-class character program and participate in the fun Endhaven Elementary Fun Run. Most will complete 30 to 35 dance minutes at the big event.

Families can support Endhaven Elementary by sharing their donation page with extended family and friends using the “share” button on funrun.com. Every share and donation counts! Throughout the program, students will learn the power of teamwork, care, courage, grit, and celebration through the character theme, Sports City Now. The fundraiser will culminate with a virtual dance party on January 27th!