End of Year Giving

Endhaven families and friends,
It’s the season for giving! If any of you are considering end of year giving and want to donate financially to our school now is the perfect time. We are coming to the end of 2017 and your donation is tax deductible! 100% of all donations go directly to Endhaven and our causes including the fitness trail, specials programming and teacher support.

Log into pay4schoolstuff.com and select capital campaign to make an online donation. Our Tax ID will be right there on the site for you.

Want to see what your dollar support? Check out this video! You’ll recognize a few faces for sure 😉

Why Do We Raise Money For Endhaven?

Please make a donation to our Capital Campaign today! Click the DONATE button above and Help us meet our $25,000 goal!"I think constantly as parents at this young age we are looking to try and figure out what our kids' light is going to be, right? Where are they going land in life? And we'll spend forever trying to do that. But every time we see them show and interest in a different Special we see a different side of their brain and the way that they are going learn and interact with their world and we get to celebrate that part of them". Every single Endhaven child goes to a different Specials class every day. Which is why this year, the Endhaven Elementary PTA is focused on raising funds for special curicculum including the clear up and new installation of fitness equpment to our outdoor trail and classroom space. Check out this video and see just why fundraising is so important. Together we can do this!

Posted by Endhaven Elementary PTA on Saturday, October 28, 2017

Thank you for investing in our students!

Did You Miss the Book Fair? No Worries!

Did you miss the book fair? Didn’t see a book you were looking for? You can still shop the book fair online, get free shipping, and still support Endhaven Elementary with the book fair sales! This is a great spot to get some holiday shopping done.
Book Fairs orders get shipped to the school and can be sent home with the student, or you can contact Megan Kiser at meganmkiser@gmail.com if you want be contacted and pick the order up at school.

Castle Quest Boosterthon is coming! But… what does that even mean!?

Hannah Banana.
Hitting Mr. Slattery with pies and water balloons!

You may have heard about this event already. Maybe you’ve been a part of planning or participated in this huge fundraiser in the past. Maybe you’ve given to the cause. Or maybe you’re wondering… what are you talking about? Check out this video that explains it all much better than we could!

Learn more about Endhaven’s Boosterthon Fun Run and how you can get involved.

This year’s theme is Castle Quest! One we are sure is going to get the kids excited and teach them awesome character lessons through a format they will be truly engaged in.